Becoming Better from the Inside Out By: Kyndal Frazier

By Kyndal Frazier


Living in a society that frequently highlights the great successes and many achievements of others may cause some people to feel as though accomplishing a goal may be impossible, especially young adults. Well my friend, that last tid-bit of information just isn’t true! This may sound cliche’ but becoming a better individual starts with a change of your mindset which will ultimately lead to you accomplishing your goals.


I know what you’re thinking. “How do I change my mindset?” The fact that you are reading this blog post is a sign that your awareness is optimal for change. You have to be aware of your habits and the activities you do everyday and ask yourself, “Are my current actions going to help me accomplish my goals?” If the answer is No, then you may need to re-evaluate your day-to-day activities and align them with activities that will help you achieve your goal.


Self-discipline and consistency are two great traits to acquire on your journey to bettering yourself from the inside out. Lack of self-discipline tends to create problems such as hesitating to make decisions, unwanted interruptions, money trouble and feeling unsatisfied with your life. Lack of consistency can cause you to be stagnant and falling behind on your small goals.  If you find yourself lacking in these two areas of your life, here’s some tips on how to get on track to becoming better in order to achieve a goal.

  • Focus on the process, not the end goal. Constantly focusing on the end goal leaves no room to make the small steps needed to get to that goal. Remain dedicated to the process and acknowledge what you need to do now to better your future.
  • Never compare your journey to someone else’s. No one is like you and that is your strength. Comparison is the thief of joy so keep in mind that your journey will be uniquely paved for your goals and dreams.
  • Accept and assess where you are now in your journey to bettering yourself. This allows you to map a realistic plan that will help you achieve your goals. Be accountable for every decision that you make.


Since becoming an intern at the Success Training Institute, I’ve been on an ongoing mission to better myself from the inside out as well! Being a part of this company has given me the tools needed to increase my soft skills such as time-management when working on goals and mentorship skill to nurture individuals like me with mentorship which has ultimately increased productivity in my day-to-day routines. At SimplySuccess.com, interns are given the chance to receive the soft skill certifications needed in your career and personal life.

I recommend all adults, young and mature, to consider the SimplySuccess.com when you’re ready to better yourself from the inside out.