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Sensei allows teachers to manually grade a Lesson. To access this area, go to Sensei > Grading.

On the Grading page, you are presented with a table containing any ungraded quizzes that have been submitted for manual grading.

The grading table displays:

  • Learner’s name
  • Which course and lesson for which they submitted a quiz
  • Date and time of submission
  • Grading status (Ungraded, Graded, In Progress)
  • Learner’s grade for that quiz
  • Button for grading the quiz or reviewing an existing grade

Filtering Quizzes

You can use links at the top of the grading page to display all submitted quizzes, or only those that are graded, ungraded or in progress.

You can also select a specific course and lesson if you only want to grade quizzes for a single lesson at a time. After selecting a course and lesson, click the ‘Reset Filter’ button to display all quizzes again.

If you want to grade quizzes for a specific learner, you can use the search box to search for users. After searching for a user, you need to clear the search box and submit an empty search to display all users again.

Grading a Quiz

To grade a quiz, click the ‘Grade quiz’ button on the quiz you want to grade. If you already graded the quiz, the button displays ‘Review Grade’ instead.

The Quiz answers are loaded, along with any existing auto-graded questions. From here you can manually grade each Questions answer, and assign a grade to the whole Quiz.

You also have access to:

  • Add notes to answers. You can use this to provide feedback to learners about why they received the grade.
  • Assign a specific grade to the answer. When creating quizzes, you can specify a total grade that each question is worth. When grading, you can specify a grade that is no more than the question’s total grade.

When a learner views their graded quiz, they see which questions they got right/wrong as well as their grade per question and their total grade for the entire quiz. They can also view answer notes that were entered.

Grading UI
Grading a Learners Quiz
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