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Questions can be added independently of quizzes, so questions can be reused in multiple quizzes, and a quiz can contain randomly selected questions from any question category.

Adding Questions to the Question Bank

To add a question to the question bank, go to Questions > Add New.


To add a question:

  1. Enter your question in the Question field.
  2. Select the question type from the drop down.
  3. Enter the relevant answer(s) – exact options depend on the question type you selected.
  4. Enter the total grade for the question – this can be a numerical value greater than or equal to zero.
  5. Select Add Question to complete that question and add another if you like.

Zero-grade questions

Questions can be assigned a grade value of zero.

Questions with no grade are skipped during auto-grading, so you can include open-ended questions in an auto-graded quiz.

Question Types

You can choose from the following question type drop down when adding a question to a quiz:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True/False
  • Gap Fill
  • Multi Line
  • Single Line
  • File Upload

Note: From v1.5 the Essay Paste question type has been removed because it was the same as the ‘Multi-Line’ question type. Any existing Essay Paste questions are converted to Multi-Line questions when updating to v1.5.+

You can add more than one correct answer for a multiple choice question.


If you add more than one correct answer, the learner is able to select multiple answers when viewing the question, and they need to select all correct answers to receive a correct score.

Question Categories

You can also assign your question to a question category to make it easier to add relevant questions to each quiz.

You can select an existing question category, or add a new question category, in the Question Categories panel.


You can also view all question categories and add new categories via Questions > Categories

Adding media to a Question

You can upload a media file to any question: Images, audio files and video files are displayed inline within the question, and any other type of file will be displayed as a link.

The media item’s Title and Description, if present, is displayed below the media.

By default, images in questions use the Medium size setting, as defined in Settings > Media.

Adding Auto Answer Feedback

You can add Answer Feedback to any questions that are auto-graded, i.e., Multiple Choice and True/False.


This feedback is shown to learners after they submit a quiz that is set to automatic grading.

If the quiz is set to manual grading, you are able to customize the answer feedback when grading the quiz.

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