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Soft Skills Training Courses

Get Certified. Get Paid. It’s That Simple!

When you enroll in the Empower Professional Membership, you can become certified to train in one of the fastest growing industries on the planet. Life coaches, career coaches, motivational speakers, educational professional and entrepreneurs with the gift of gab should add to this certification to their professional toolkits. We provide the curriculum, lead generation assistance, online learning platform and the ongoing support you need to excel. Once certified, you can monetize your credentials by hosting live and online workshops, conferences, and other training sessions. You can also offer our retail programs to those in your network and earn even more. And, once certified, we pay you $500!
Soft Skills Training Courses

Earn And Learn

Almost every professional is interested in boosting their social, emotional and professional competencies. Our training does that and so much more! Best of all, you have multiple ways to earn recurring revenue when you partner with us. You can even refer businesses in your network to our Corporate Accounts Team and when the deals close, you get paid.

Businesses all over the world are seeking solutions to build their staff from the inside out. You can capitalize on income opportunities from training and/or referring retail and corporate clients to our rapidly growing network.
Soft Skills Training Courses

Make A Difference!

Most of us fondly remember those who made a difference in our lives. Our ecosystem allows you to grow yourself while empowering others. When you complete your certification course as a Soft Skills Trainer, we donate a soft skills training scholarship to someone less fortunate. Your efforts may be the catalyst to helping a single parent living below the poverty line, an at-risk teen or a victim of domestic violence gain the skills they need to get ahead in life.

We are elevating the world with the skills than matter most and together, we can make a difference!

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