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A GIG For Professionals!

Finally! There’s a way for business professionals with solid connections and strong networks to earn additional money while doing something that represents their status and purpose. You can earn additional income simply by introducing the leaders of academic institutions, corporations and non profit organizations to the highly effective, results driven, mobile friendly training platforms offered by Success Training Institute.

You don’t have to make sales presentations or commit much of your time to make a difference in your community AND add extra cash to your bottom line.

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Opportunities to Do More!

You can become a Certified Soft Skills Trainer and get paid to train our award winning curriculum in live or virtual settings. Turn your passion for people into assets by enrolling in our courses that teach you all you need to know about the world of soft skills training and emotional intelligence development.

You can also earn extra income by referring corporations in your network that are seeking employee development solutions. Our executive sales team makes the presentations, travels to meet the clients you refer and provides all the marketing tools and resources. Once the deals close, you get paid simply for referring the companies to us. Best of all, the payments to you continue when the contracts are renewed!

Expand Your Professional Network

We refer to our company culture as a “Tamily”. This means the best of Team and Family. Once you’re a “Tamily Member”, you’ll have access to high level mentorship, access to professionals from different parts of the world and opportunities to participate in exclusive training and development events designed to boost your professional advancement and expand your circle of influence.

We attract some of the best and brightest professionals from various industries and backgrounds. You will receive empowerment, encouragement and exemplary leadership when you connect with the Success Training Institute “Tamily”!

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