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Even with the rise of social media, word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. As a Platinum Member, we want you to be even more excited about sharing your success stories. That's why we value your network enough to reward you for inviting them to an online presentation that explains the many benefits of becoming a Platinum Member with Simply Success.

Relationships = Revenue!

On average, people in the US have over 350 contacts on their mobile device. The problem however, is most people have never learned how to monetize their networks. As a Platinum Member with Simply Success, we solve this problem for you. All your friends have to do is listen to a live presentation and we'll pay you! When they become Platinum Members, will also pay them for doing the same. Those who listen to the presentation don't have to become a Platinum Member in order for you to get paid. All you have to do is make sure they're present for the duration of the presentation. It's that simple!

Contacts = Contracts!

YOU KNOW PEOPLE who are decision makers in organizations. These people are searching for soft skills training solutions. You can help them by referring them to us and when the deal closes, you get paid a commission on the corporate account! School districts, Colleges and Universities, Other State Agencies and Businesses of all types have a budget for the type of training we offer and you can now capitalize by referring the business leaders in your network to Simply Success. Once you submit the referral we do all the rest. We customize the presentation, make the presentation, negotiate the best pricing, submit the proposals and even travel to meet in person if necessary. It's a true WIN WIN!

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