NBCA and Success Training Institute Partner to Provide Soft Skills Training

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The National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. (NBCA) has taken proactive steps to bridge the soft skills gap by partnering with Success Training Institute (STI); the industry leading online soft skills training provider.

As one of the nation’s oldest religious fellowships of churches, NBCA believes the alliance with Success Training Institute will provide the resources needed to empower its members with holistic workforce development programs.

Dr. Samuel C. Tolbert, Jr., President of the NBCA and Pastor of the Greater St. Mary’s Missionary Baptist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana expressed excitement about the partnership with Success Training Institute. “Soft skills training is universally recognized as the key to career and entrepreneurial excellence”, he stated. “Success Training Institute’s online platform allows our members to drastically and conveniently improve their skills by accessing soft skills courses from their mobile devices.”

Success Training Institute offers cutting edge technology that allows users to earn soft skill certifications in dozens of courses; including leadership, time management, effective decision making and conflict resolution. The company’s CEO, DL Wallace, sees the alliance with NBCA as an example of how the church and business communities should work together. “This relationship allows members of the NBCA to gain access to the skills they need at a price most can afford,” Wallace stated. “Dr. Tolbert and the other visionary leaders within the organization have opened yet another door of opportunity for business minded professionals all over the world through our partnership.”

The NBCA announced the alliance with Success Training Institute at its historic 138th Annual Session held in Chicago, Illinois September 10th -14th. DL Wallace and Dr. Tolbert both explained to the thousands of members in attendance, how the alliance has the potential to increase employability, career advancement and home based business success. The US Chamber of Commerce research reveals 8 of 10 employers prefer to hire candidates who have earned soft skills certifications.

The attendees of the event were excited to hear about the groundbreaking partnership; including the President of the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas and Pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Austin, Texas, Rev. Dr. G.V. Clark. “When the Convention forms strategic alliances for the purpose of empowering people from all walks of life, it’s a reason to be excited,” stated Clark. “I look forward to hearing the success stories for many years to come.”

About NBCA:

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the National Baptist Convention of America International, Inc. (NBCA), is a fellowship of voluntary churches approximating three and half million African-American Baptists.

The focus of the NBCA, since its inception and prior to its incorporation status, has been upon education, missions (home and abroad) and the publication and circulation of religious literature. Learn more by visiting https://www.nbcainc.com

About Success Training Institute:

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Success Training Institute is the world’s leading, online soft skills training provider. Each class in its digital library is delivered in video modules of 8 minutes or less and has been proven to increase productivity, morale and confidence amongst its user base. With thousands of satisfied customers and new content added monthly, the company offers certification programs for retail and corporate clients. Learn more by visiting https://simplysuccess.com.