Success Training Institute Is Looking For New Faces

By Melita Wallace

Here at Success Training Institute, we have always placed an important emphasis on diversity. From young to old, black to white, male or female, we believe that everyone deserves equal treatment and equal opportunity. In an effort to expand our diversity even further, we are now launching our Faces of Success Campaign!

We are looking for talented, fresh faces to feature in our future training videos. No prior acting experience is required. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a diligent college student, or stay-at-home mom, this is the perfect way to earn extra cash while gaining career-changing experience. Those selected will have access to top business mentors and our CEO and founder, Dr. DL Wallace. The expertise and hands-on training you will receive will teach you invaluable skills that will be applicable to any career field you delve into. You will also have a plethora of business travel opportunities, a complimentary photo session and discounts on our revolutionary Soft Skills training courses. Additionally, of course you will receive pay for each filming session and paid expenses for the unique talent that you offer our company.

So how do you apply? Just like everything else at Simply Success, applying is very simple! Simply complete our online application, upload your headshot and resume and submit a video interview. Priority consideration will be given to those who are already enrolled in our Soft Skills courses and the previous knowledge gained from our training will definitely place you well ahead of your competition in this highly selective application process. No matter your career field of interest, this experience is an incredible resume builder that affords you the opportunity to experience all that our company has to offer, while receiving global exposure.

After submitting all application materials, we ensure you that we will take no longer than seven business days to get back to you, as we know your time is extremely valuable . Make sure to visit the ‘Opportunity’ tab on our website, scroll to find ‘Faces of Success’ and you will discover everything you need to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Step out of the classroom or office and in front of the camera! Apply today!