Success Training Institute Starts Off 2019 With a Bang!

By Melita Wallace

We are one month into 2019 and exciting things are happening here at Success Training Institute. We have entered into a plethora of strategic partnerships with some amazing organizations and we are enthusiastically looking forward to the ease of access these groups will have to our revolutionary training. 

By joining forces with American Veterans (AMVETS), we proudly serve the thousands of Veterans in the organization by giving them a discounted rate on our Soft Skills courses thereby equipping them with the professional development many of them seek during their transition into the civilian workforce. The “From The Hood To The Wood” program is an innovative way for high school students in Kentucky to gain the skills they need to led a successful life after graduation. Created by Simmons College, one of the oldest HBCU’s in the country, this week-long excursion filled with adventurous outdoor activities will now feature Soft Skills training, courtesy of Success Training Institute. We strive to continuously find new ways to invest in the young minds of future generations and can’t wait to see the hundreds of students that take advantage of this new resource. 

Additionally, we have loved the opportunity to inform multiple evangelical organizations that reach out to us about the benefits that Soft Skills can have when implemented throughout their ministries. With the help of our partner, the National Baptist Convention of America (NBCA), we are now delivering our Soft Skills training on a whole new platform in Ghana. Our recent partnership with the Ghana Baptist Convention will allow its members to utilize our courses to improve their leadership, communication skills and professionalism. 

Most notably, we are thrilled to announce our acquisition of West Coast Bible College. In an effort to make education easier on the wallet, the theology degrees offered here will be 100% online and 100% affordable. The implementation of our Soft Skills training throughout each students’ coursework conveniently combines theological teachings with the employability and longevity that Soft Skills provide for a career. Make sure to check out our recent and upcoming press releases for further details about each of our new partnerships.

We are excited that our 2019 is off to a success and if this past month of January is any indication of our year ahead, there will many more exciting announcements to come. Stay tuned for our upcoming endeavors! And here at STI, we are only successful when you are. Take advantage of our vast library of courses to ensure that your year is off a successful start as well!