Teen Success Academy: Teaching Young Minds The Skills That Last A Lifetime

May 17, 2019 | By Melita Wallace

As summer break is quickly approaching, many parents all over the country may be wondering what to do with their kids’ newfound freedom. There are summer camps, sports teams, dance, and gymnastics classes. The options are plentiful but most options don’t offer tangible benefits that transfer directly to their future of professional success. Most programs will get them out of your hair for a few hours but will they translate to a life of success in the workforce once they’re out of the house?

Here at Simply Success, we’ve teamed up with our partner, West Coast Bible College, to offer a solution to this annual issue. Our Teen Success Academy is a program designed specifically with your high school student in mind. With the benefits of gaining real-world business experience, personal and professional development, all while earning some extra cash, our program is one of the most productive ways for your teen to spend their summer break. And better yet, this program is 100% online! The weekly assignments they will be given will enable them to hone their time-management skills as they will have to hold themselves accountable to complete each assignment in a timely manner. As the job market continues to evolve, working remotely is something that 45% of Americans have the opportunity to do, so getting a headstart on the challenge of working from home is something that your teens will thank you for in the long run.

Additionally, they will receive Soft Skills certifications from our revolutionary training platform that will give them an incredible advantage when they embark on their job search after high school or college graduation. Their performance in the Teen Success Academy can even translate to college credit, partial or full scholarships and will boost their resume in ways that many other summer programs won’t. Students also have the opportunity to earn an endless amount of cash as they will be trained on selling our educational products and will earn commission on every sale they make.

So this summer break, break the mold of traditional summer programs by enrolling your teen in Teen Success Academy so they can practice the skills that will last a lifetime! Enrollment is simple and virtual but space is limited so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity before spots fill up. Give your teen a headstart on success today!