by Maria McGlone

You’ve seen that person, heard about them, maybe you even know them. They have it all together: are successful in all aspects of life and seem to know the next step to take when anything goes wrong. Everything seems to come to them with ease. They are that person everyone else talks about and wishes they were.

In my last blog I spoke about what it means to be that person. The intonation with which “that person” tends to be said speaks to the mythical nature of their being. You might be thinking; but I’m not that person, I’m this one! And you’re right. You will never be someone else. The logic around that girl trends on TikTok and Instagram, however, lies in how she is perceived by others. How are you perceived by others? Are you accomplishing what you want to and living with intention? If not, read on to transform that fantasy into this reality. This blog contains 5 more tips for increasing your personal and professional success, turning that person into this one.

1. Use a Weekly Planner
Whether you purchase a planner from Staples or DIY one, your planner can be a place to collect and organize your thoughts, homework, to-do list, meetings, or even personal goals and progress. Schedule monthly, weekly, or even daily check-ins with yourself to get in touch with how you are feeling and stay on track. Plan out each hour and you might just be surprised how much free time you really have.

2. Build Healthy Habits
Use your planner to create new and improved habits! Start small with just a few things you want to implement into your day, and write them down to hold yourself accountable. Perhaps just start by making your bed every morning.

3. Make Connections
Seek out mentorship and networking opportunities. Whether it be a school advisor, employer, a past teacher of yours, or a mere acquaintance, it is likely you have access to people that you didn’t even know were in your corner!

4. Create a monthly budget
There are tons of great (and free) budgeting apps out there, but if you are more of a pen and paper type of planner, that works too! Write out the amount you plan to spend on each expense. Use the 20/30/50 rule of budgeting (a simple google search will suffice).

5. Invest in Yourself
Finally start therapy, buy that new computer to increase your efficiency, or enroll in a soft skills training course with Success Training Institute. According to Forbes Magazine, “94% of recruiting professionals believe an employee with stronger soft skills has a better chance of being promoted to a leadership position than an employee with more years of experience but weaker

soft skills”. So what are you waiting for? Nurture your soft skills and emotional intelligence now to make your value as an employee go up!

Like me, you might be in your early 20s, intimidated by the job market, tightly clinging to your final year of college. Or you might be a middle or high school student, struggling with public speaking, college applications, or time management (the list goes on). Whatever the case may be, soft skills might be the only thing between you and the life you see and wish you had. The soft-skills revolution is now! Increase your income, productivity, and social competence.