West Coast Bible College: Higher Learning With A Higher Purpose

May 13th, 2019 | By Melita Wallace

At the beginning of this year, Success Training Institute effectively became the management company for West Coast Bible College (WCBC). As an institution with 100% online courses that provide a conveniently self-paced way to earn a degree in Ministry, WCBC was one of the first colleges to offer solely online classes back in 2007. Under the visionary leadership of Dr. Kevin Harrison, the institution maintained its passion for providing an avenue to study theology in a way that is more accessible than ever.

Now that the college has entered into to the Success Training Institute family, West Coast has even more to offer to each and every single one of its students. The degree programs are not only 100% online and 100% affordable, but the new implementation of our Soft Skills training throughout each students’ coursework conveniently combines theological teachings with the employability and longevity that Soft Skills provide for a career. By offering Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees in ministry, WCBC can suit the needs of anyone looking to advance in their calling, with the flexibility to continue earning an income elsewhere.

Additionally, Simply Success members can greatly benefit from this acquisition as well! Premium members who purchase our highest level of membership will also gain access to attend West Coast. This means you can attain our revolutionary Soft Skills Certifications and a degree in Ministry simultaneously! Once you have been a member for two consecutive years, you will be rewarded with a scholarship in your honor that you can gift to anyone of your choosing. And once you complete your degree, a full tuition scholarship to West Coast will be awarded to a future student in Africa or The Bahamas! So just by learning, you can open the door for someone less fortunate to get an education as well. We are so thrilled to partner with you to spread the power of education all around the world.

Just to make the deal a little sweeter, we also have a referral program for students so you can learn and earn at the same time! By referring only 5 students, you’ll earn enough to pay all of your tuition. Here at Success Training Institute, YOUR success is our first priority. We hope you are just as excited about this partnership as we are! Enroll today while these deals are still available!